Thursday, August 15, 2013

#TBT: New Home in Houston

Welcome back good ole friend! It's been a month since I've seen you!

New Home in Houston
Dad, Mom, me, Becca - 1989
in front of our new house in Houston

This post is in honor of my parents arriving to London AT THIS VERY SECOND to visit me!!! (and Luke)

In late 1988, my dad got a new job which required us to move from Lima, Ohio to Houston, Texas. I don't really remember my feelings about the move, but I know that it was a pretty big deal as my parents both grew up in the mid-west and never lived elsewhere. They were leaving their families behind and moving to a land of differences. Big big move! (hmmmmm, this is all too familiar) 

My parents bought a brand new house in a brand new neighborhood which was being finished up while we lived in an apartment. They got to choose the colors for pretty much everything in the house. The house was so much better than our house in Ohio! It had an awesome spa tub which we didn't have in Ohio. It had an upstairs which we didn't have in Ohio. It had a long hallway, which we didn't have in Ohio, located upstairs where we practiced our tumbling which did NOT sound like a heard of elephants stomping on the ground! Right, mom????? It had a big backyard where my dad built us not one, but two balance beams which may or may not have broken during a birthday party when 10 girls decided to jump off all at one time which lead to the greatest picture of all time. 

So let's cut to the chase... Becca... trying so hard not to laugh...
bahahahaha, cant. hold it. in. baahahahaaha

Okay, moving on... bahaha... okay... control... :-) ...
Dad has on shorter shorts than I do. And a pretty awesome Disney t-shirt???
Mom has got some stylin' hair.
Me, I am just as cute as a button. (just kidding, I have my shorts pulled up to my neck! which apparently is the style again???) I was a giant! Becca was 8 in this picture, and I was 6. 

Anyway, we had some fun times growing up in that house. We made haunted houses in the garage during Halloween. We added on a big room to the back of the house. We made forts in the upstairs loft. We slid down the stairs in sleeping bags. Becca and I never fought over our one bathroom. Or the telephone. We never accidentally made Ramen noodles in the microwave without adding water. We never accidentally backed out of the garage too quickly and broke the side mirror. Twice. (those things are not all me by the way) Memories, memories, memories!

What fun memories do you have from your childhood home?


  1. 1. your hair really want as blonde as i thought
    2. dad probably still has that shirt, ask him!
    3. why are your socks 2 different heights?
    4. moms chest resembles someone else I know ( I'm not going to admit to that one)
    5. and yes, I look the strangest. bahahahahaha!

  2. Great picture! I'm diggin the bob hair cut. :o)

  3. Love your TBT posts. I'm pretty sure we all had that awesome chilli bowl/bob haircut! My favorite childhood memory from the house I grew up in is building forts with the dining room table chairs with my brother and planning out how we could share a room so that we could have an awesome play room. Needless to say, that never happened, pretty sure if it had one of us would no longer be here :)


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