Friday, August 9, 2013

One Year Toast (rewind two weeks)

The day came before I even knew it because I was soooo busy. As we were walking on July 26th, my sister asked, "Yesterday was your one year anniversary since you moved, right?!!" I thought about it for a second, "Actually, yesterday was one year since we left the United States and today is one year since we have lived in the United Kingdom." So then I gave Luke a high-five for surviving! If I had known, I would have prepared a blog post for that exact day, but like I said, I was way too pre-occupied to even know what month it was.

The past year has been a big big adventure! Luke and I have grown in so many ways. We have learned so many things. We have seen some amazing stuff. It has been a whole new life. I would not take back a single second of it. In the last 365 days:

1.) We have made some amazing friends. Although, we don't live in the same town as most of them anymore, we have formed some special bonds with these folks and we all dream to live in the same city once again in our lifetime.
80's birthday party
girls hike at Slain's Castle
Chevron Burns Dinner
2.) We have lived in two different places. Aberdeenshire - oh how dark you are, oh how much you have to offer! You showed me how to "live" outdoors. You made me realize I like cold more than hot. You have the most beautiful sky, sometimes even when you are raining. You taught me to like whisky. Hidden gem you are! London - oh London. What can I say? You give me high anxiety. You do not help with my OCD and ADD. That is a compliment, London. And you have also taught me to tolerate warm beer.
Aberdeen at 2pm in December
Greenwich Park, people everywhere!
3.) We have visited 11 different countries, stayed in 18 different cities, and explored over 28 different towns. 24 months ago, I was oblivious to the world of travel. 18 months ago, I saw some light. 12 months ago, I jumped into that light.
Zurich, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
4.) We have learned what dinner means. I have learned how to put together a meal... with ingredients and spices and everything! Luke has learned to sit at the table and eat his dinner, not at the TV. We have learned that we talk about our days during this time (Kramer knows about this, see video below).
5.) We have learned our roles. I specifically have learned what it means to be a housewife. A housewife does not sit on the couch all day and let her husband do all the work. A housewife completes tasks throughout the day, so she can enjoy spending time with her husband in the evening, so he doesn't have to do these tasks because he couldn't do them while he was working all day. I want to contribute to our family, and if I can't do it by bringing in money, I can contribute in other ways which is just as good. It is not fair for only one person to contribute in the relationship.

6.) I have learned to try new foods. Seriously, mom and dad, you would be surprised! Steak Tartare... ate it the other day!
Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties
7.) We I have learned how to stay in touch. Keeping in touch with friends back home takes some work, as I am sure you know. We think about you all the time. Time goes by too quickly, and before you know it, it has been three months since you said, "Let's talk next week", and you are still thinking that next week is next week.
Skyping with Zoey - she talks so much more now than she did when I took this capture
8.) We have learned to put the bad thoughts aside. Like how much we miss our nephews and niece, it really breaks our hearts... and we miss our other family, too, it's just that kids grow too fast! Like how expensive everything is... this is what we need, this is what we must have, this is what will keep us alive. Like how much beer we drink during our travels... I would really like someone to enlighten me on what it is that you do if you don't drink alcohol.
liters of beer at Hofbrauhaus in Munich
9.) We have learned patience, and at the same time inconsideration. Patience - at restaurants, with service workers, while driving (sorta). Inconsideration - we have learned that no one on the sidewalks feels the need to move for other people, so we have picked up that habit, seriously, shoulder-check masters over here!

I am getting a little random with my topics. So lastly...

10.) We have learned to expect the worst. Nothing is perfect. Nothing will ever go exactly as planned. Nothing will work out just the way you want it to. It is a part of life. All of these experiences are lessons... and I try to pass them along to others (through this blog) so that you can expect the worst as well.

Here is to hoping we stay put for at least another few years! Cheers!!


  1. Hahaha! I don't drink any alcohol. We have a great time traveling! There is much to see and do.

    Congrats on turning one year! I hit my 5 yrs living abroad early this year. I seriously can't even believe it has been that long. I don't know where the time has gone!?

    1. I think the problem is that Luke drinks too much coffee or water in the morning. So when we head out, he has to pee within an hour which leads to more coffee or water due to having to purchase something in order to use the bathroom. And then when noon rolls around, the coffee or water turns to beer and then it doesnt stop. Haha!
      Congrats on making it 5 years! Do you plan to stay for good?

  2. Great post Debbie! All these lessons are so true! Congrats on your one year...hope the good times continue to roll!

  3. you are an amazing person! So proud of you!!

    1. Aw thanks sister! I learn from the best! (thats ou)

  4. congrats! I am envious of your travels!

  5. This is my favorite blog. I love you. Couldn't imagine it all without you!

    1. Luke you just got an A+. But I'm confident you'll earn a C when I see you in 11 days :) Just kidding, love you both!!

  6. So glad you moved to UK!! So many great memories in just a short time. Seriously can't imagine not having you as a friend and I can't wait to see you in just 11 short days!!


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