Tuesday, August 13, 2013


(not really)

If you watched my slideshow of my Regent's Park pictures yesterday (now updated), you probably either 
1.) didn't watch it because ain't nobody got time for 4.5 minutes!, 
2.) thought your computer was having issues since it stopped after like a minute, or 
3.) thought I was going coo coo cah choo because I said 4.5 minutes and it was not.

I am guessing either #1 or #3 happened.

Well.... turns out that the website I used was a load of _____ (insert whatever word you would like to describe crap)

In the afternoon, I came back to check that the slideshow was still good to go because I had a few issues in the beginning. Well, the slideshow was NOT good to go. It stopped showing the pictures after a minute or so while the music kept going. I designed the slideshow to play pictures throughout the whole song with no picture repeating itself. What a load of ____! Who do they think they are stopping my slideshow that I paid $0 for?!?! 

This resulted in me looking for other slideshow making websites. All I could find were ones that wanted me to pay more than $0, and i.dont.think.so. (said in Cher voice from Clueless). So I went to the trusty Google to see what my options were for FREEEEEEEEEEE ways to make a slideshow. Someone on a forum mentioned making a "movie" with Windows Live Picture Gallery.
Here starts the Genius part...

With no help at all I was able to create my slideshow using Live Picture Gallery (now updated on yesterday's post if you would like to go back and watch it)! Seriously. Genius! I figured out how to add music. How to determine length of time between slides. How to upload it to YouTube. I also had the option to make it all cutesy, but I didn't want that. The only problem with this program is the pictures don't look as clean. But the fact of the matter is...

(not really)

Note: Putting my housewife skills to WORK!

Note #2: I actually learned how to do this in 11th grade, but that was 14 years ago... almost half my life ago! And who remembers anything from half their life ago... especially something you learned in high school?? Do you remember how to do calculus (as if calculus is one concept)?? Not that I did calculus in 11th grade... I did it in college, and I don't remember ANY of it!

Note #3: Let's not mention the fact that middle school students probably know how to do this. Doh!

Note #4: I know how to add and subtract fractions. See... Genius!

Note#5: I hope you know that I am being totally sarcastic here.

What genius moment have you encountered recently?


  1. I finally figured out my macaroons...one small step for housewife...one giant step for mankind! Haha!

    1. Haha! I have never made them before but if I did, they would have to be salted caramel from scratch. Yikes! Teeny tiny kitchen would be a mess!

  2. You are so darn funny! It cracks me up to read some of your posts. hehe


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