Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Lunch with the Ladies

Actual date of this event: 8 February

Before I begin...
For the first time since being away from the USA, I am feeling homesick. And it is all due to seeing Facebook postings throughout the carnival season in New Orleans. Mardi Gras was always one of the MOST touristy things to do in NOLA, but it is so much fun! For weeks now, I have been seeing pictures and videos of parades that Luke and I used to attend. Again, so much fun! Today is Lundi Gras which is my most favorite day of the carnival season... we always went all out on Monday because we always took it easy on Mardi Gras. I wish all of my friends back home happy celebrating and chunk a few beads over a balcony with your eyes closed in my honor as I am not there to do it myself. Happy Lundi Gras!!!
Lundi Gras 2009
Back to the reason we are here...
On Friday, the day before my birthday, a small group of girls got together for a little birthday celebration. We started off at Jo Malone where we got a little pampered with hand and arm massages. We got to pick a scent or combination of scents for the massage which was fun to do. I really liked one scent but was disgusted by another, but I decided to try them together since it was a recommended combination. Together was yummy! We also got a glass of champagne to add to the relaxation!
 Thank you Nary for the pictures!
Pam, Nary, Jillian, me, Jessica, Emily
Afterward, we walked over to Bistro Verde for lunch. Nary and Jill made macaroons the day before, so we enjoyed those as our dessert. They were definitely one of the most yummy things I have ever tasted! On top of all of this, I was blessed with a super fantastic birthday gift from my friends... a Garmin watch for jogging and the Cologne I liked from my massage at Jo Malone. I LOVE MY GIFT!
As you can see, I have some amazing friends! Each of them is so sweet and kind and thoughtful, and I am so thankful that they took the time out of this crazy busy time to celebrate my 30th birthday with me. I thought turning 30 was supposed to be a bad thing!

The first Jo Malone store opened in London in 1994. Source


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  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday! I'll have to take you for coffee or lunch when I get back to the 'deen.


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