Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras and the King & Queen

May you stuff your face with all things bad!

Actual date of this event: 9 February

Continuing with the 30th birthday celebrations... last one, I promise... The American Women's Association decided to host their annual Mardi Gras party on my birthday. So nice of them to throw me a party! Just kidding!
The "green" folks
The party was held at the Old Mill Inn where we were greeted with a Hurricane and Muffaletta upon entrance. Every table was named after a street in New Orleans... we were Martin Luther King. We got to choose who to sit with prior to arriving, so we had 14 people at our table. We were each  given a mask with our name on it to play with.

After a welcome greeting, the buffet opened which included jambalaya, red beans & rice, potato salad, fried okra, corn machoux and french bread. Each table had their own king cake which was made by a native Louisianian... and I actually ate it! Tash, who is from Wales, got the baby which meant she got a prize of a mug with a fleur de lis on it and a can of Tony's. Tash: "It's some of kind of seasoning" with a not impressed look on her face. Haha!

After we chowed down, it was time to announce the Mardi Gras King and Queen. And what do you know? Guess who was the queen? Me! Yes, it was totally rigged because it was my birthday. It was pretty special though, and it was nice of them to do that for me :-) And guess who the King was? Luke! For realz!!! And that was not rigged. His name really was drawn out of the box! It was so crazy!! So we got to wear robes and the special headdresses. Mine would not stay on! I don't know how those women wear those things at Mardi Gras balls! Our friend, Pam, was the Dutchess, too. We got to walk around the room tossing beads at the tables, and then we lead the Second Line around the room. It was fun!
And then the dancing and the partying began! We danced a lot!

The night ended around 11pm, when we called our cab driver to pick us back up. It was a great ending to my 30th birthday celebrations! Being 30 is fun so far... I don't know what all the fuss is about!

Mardi Gras became a legal holiday in Louisiana in 1875... which makes it very difficult to sort out a stolen car on that day.
The official colors of Mardi Gras have meanings. Purple is for Justice, Gold is for Power and Green is for Faith. These were chosen by the Grand Duke of Russia in 1857.


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  1. How fun that you and Luke were King and Queen, that's a special birthday indeed! Glad you felt special on your 30th, you deserve it:)


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