Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Day Trip" to Old Aberdeen

Actual date of this event: 9 February

Since Luke and I have only been living in Aberdeen for about 6 months, there are quite of things we have not done or seen in and around the city. I decided that we would spend a few hours of my birthday checking one of those things off the list. It was a nice day, so it was a must to get outside! We haven't had many of sunny days lately, let alone on a weekend!

We jumped in the car and headed toward the University of Aberdeen and Seaton Park. It is about 3 miles from our house, which we could have walked, but it would have taken about an hour just to get there. Ain;t nobody got time for that!

It is very confusing because the University of Aberdeen has a few sites, and the one we visited was Kings College. Why name the campus of a university "college"?? So confusing! Anyway, the university is located in Old Aberdeen which is a really neat area of the the city. I felt like we were on a mini vacation because the atmosphere was similar to the towns we like to visit when we travel. Y'all know me... narrow cobblestone streets are my weakness and Old Aberdeen is full of them! 

We walked to St. Machar's Cathedral located north of the university. It was not open, but we took a walk around in the kirkyard (church with a graveyard). 
Seaton Park is right next to the cathedral, so we walked down to the park which is shaped by the River Don (river that forms the north of Aberdeen). Apparently this park is dangerous at night, but the sun was bright and shiny for us.
We walked a bit farther to the Brig o' Balgownie, a foot bridge over the River Don. It is super tall and made of granite and sandstone. It was completed in 1320, but renovated in 1605. University students like to jump off of it in the summer when there is a high tide, although jumping can still be done during low tide at 17 feet deep.

I was so happy to have a beautiful and sunny day for a birthday walk. Luke is always up for interesting walks, so he had a great day too!

When I got back home, I was greeted with FaceTime birthday singing by Cooper and Zoey. Such sweeties for calling me on my birthday! And they also sent me a birthday drawing!

Parts of William Wallace's body are buried in the walls of St. Machar's Cathedral. Source


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