Thursday, February 28, 2013

#TBT: Prom 2001

I must redeem myself from last week's Throw Back Thursday. Totally embarrassing! But isn't that what being a kid is about?

Senior Prom 2001
Here I am, ready for Prom

It really was not a fun night. Sure I looked pretty and stuff, but it was not a "night to remember". It was "Spring Forward" night, so we lost as hour of our prom night. That sucked!

Anyway, compared to all of my friends, I spent very little money on dresses and shoes and make-up and hair for every dance I attended. When prom rolled around, I told my parents that I wanted to spend the "normal" amount (aka what my friends usually paid) on everything. This pretty much turned out to still be way less than all of my friends were spending on their prom gear. That's okay though because look how pretty! Just kidding.

Update: When I wore this dress, I remember it being really tight around the chest area. Twelve years later, I can still fit into this dress, but it is now loose in the chest area and tight in the hip area. Strange how my body has changed.

Many high schools do a "Project Prom", but my high school (Clear Lake) did Project Graduation rather than project prom... probably because we all had limos that took us straight to a beach house after prom.
Also, at my high school, you either had to be a senior or be the date of a senior to go to prom. We did not have a Junior/Senior prom like many schools do... probably because the senior class was over 700 students.


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