Friday, February 15, 2013

The Lenten Sacrifice

One year in college, I gave up chips for Lent. That was a tough one! If I was to do that now. NO. BIG. DEAL. When you live in Houston, you go out to eat. When you go out to eat, you eat Mexican food. When you eat Mexican food, you eat stuff your face with tortilla chips. Yep. That was a tough one, but I did it! I remember all of my friends thinking I was insane... I believe I was.
My first year of teaching, Lent of 2007, I gave up coffee. Let's just say that was a miserable time. I was not a big tea drinker back then, so I did not resort to that. Diet Cokes have never given me the amount of caffeine I need in the morning, so that wouldn't have helped. To make matters worse, Lent just so happens to fall around the same time of year that Texas students take their State tests. Teachers across Texas are already stressed out like crazy with preparing their classes for these tests with having their coffee every morning. Take away the coffee and you have got a miserable, grumpy, b*t*h*, math teacher... aka me. Remember, this was my first year of teaching. I really did not think things through with that one. I pushed through it, and I was not happier person because of it.
(Note: One of the reasons I am not ready to get preggers is I am not ready to give up the caffeine. Yes, I know I can have a small cup and be fine, but one cup is no where near enough. Bald, big-ankled, baby Buisson will just have to wait!)
This year, I have decided to give up baked goods. After all of the birthday celebrations from the past few weeks, I have eaten way too many cookies. Way too many cupcakes. Way too many macaroons. To prepare for this sacrifice, I ate 3 macaroons and 5 cookies on Lundi and Mardi Gras. And the weekend before that, I probably ate 4 cupcakes and 6 cakeballs in... oh, say 3 days. Now can you see why I am giving up this stuff for Lent? I am done with that until Easter! Let's hope London has got some gooooooood Sticky Toffee Pudding or else I will NOT be a happy camper.
Here is the debate I have been a part of for many many many years:
What is considered Lent?
A.) Everyday starting on Ash Wednesday, ending on Easter
B.) Everyday starting on Ash Wednesday, ending on Easter, except Sunday's
C.) Everyday starting on Ash Wednesday, ending on Good Friday
D.) Everyday starting on Ash Wednesday, ending on Good Friday, except Sunday's
E.) Other: (fill in blank) _______________________

I grew up with answer A. To this day, I still stick with answer A... it's what my dad taught me (<-- daddy's girl). Doing research online, it is answer B.
This year, I will do my best to follow my dad's rules 1.) no snacking between meals on Friday's (beer is not included in this - dad, you should be proud of that), and 2.) no meat on Friday's. Sometimes, I forget :-( so I will do my best!

Off to Edinburgh for the weekend... y'all have a good one!!

What is your belief of the Lenten time period? 
What are you sacrificing during Lent?

In most Christian denominations, Lent starts with Ash Wednesday, which is derived from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as a sign of repentance to God. The ashes are made by burning the blessed palms that were distributed the previous year on Palm Sunday. Source



  1. Gerald goes by B and sometimes abuses it!! I do A. Also, G likes this time of the year because we usually do fish and chips Friday! But I'm going to limit that this year as well:) have fun in Edinburgh.

  2. So my answer is: E: Ash Wednesday until Easter, but since I grew up Baptist I'm voluteering under my own free will and can cheat whenever I feel like it:).
    I gave up bread one year. I cheated a lot...


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