Friday, June 21, 2013

#FBF: St. Lucian Honeymoon

After reminiscing our wedding yesterday, it made me want to go back and look at our honeymoon pictures. Boy did we LOVE St. Lucia!! Such a beautiful island! But give me sun, beach, pool, drinks, food, relaxation, but mostly my hubby, and I am There, Luke. Are you happy, now? (Last night, he gave me a hard time about how I didn't write in my TBT wedding post that I love him so much and how great of a husband he is and blah blah blah.)
We didn't sleep at all after our wedding, and actually, Luke was drunk. Imagine that! The groom drunk? No way!!! Our flight to St. Lucia was around 5:30am. We had a layover in Miami where we ate pizza at 7am before getting on a long flight to St. Lucia. I didn't do any planning for the honeymoon, as that is the GROOM'S job, so I didn't have any clue as to how far away St. Lucia was or how long the flight was. We didn't sleep on the flight at all, and it was so miserable! I think the flight was around 5 hours or something.

We arrived at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian which was a superb resort! Great customer service the whole time. Except for when we arrived, they wanted to show us around the resort with champagne. Sounds like a great thing, but all we wanted to do was eat, shower, and sleep. So much that I didn't even touch my champagne! Yes, it was that bad. We ended up finding a place to eat and were asleep by 8pm. After sleeping until 11am the next morning, we were ready for our honeymoon!!!
WARNING: You may see a little bit of blubber in these pictures as Luke and I were extremely out of shape. 

We did a lot of beach walking.
We did a lot of poolside pizza eating.
We had sit down dinners in the evening. Sandals has buses that take you to the other Sandals resorts on the island. We went to another for hibachi one night. Story time: When we arrived at the other resort, an employee of the resort, who just so happened to be a little person, was making a big fuss in the lobby. Apparently he had gotten fired because his boss, who apparently was gay, made a pass at him. The little person did not go for it, so his boss fired him. The whole scene was quite amusing!

We took a catamaran booze cruise to Soufriere, which is a city famous for three things...
1.) Sulfur Springs - visible signs of a once active volcano
2.) two Pitons - volcano plugs which is the lava that hardened from an active volcano
3.) Botanical Gardens - we were told that if you touched one of the flowers, the flower would die right away

In Soufriere, we also got to have a buffet lunch before heading back on the booze cruise. On the way back, they proved why they call it a booze cruise with a beer chugging contest. I failed miserably, but Luke won. Well he won in my mind because the guy they claimed won spilled half of his beer all over his chest. Major party foul.

We also went ziplining. On our excursion, we got to taste fresh coconut and fresh mango. I am not a coconut person at all, but fresh was really good!

We took it upon ourselves to hike Pigeon Island which was just a short walk from our resort. It was so hot that day, but the views were amazing!

The red is our resort.

I have asked every anniversary when we will go back to St. Lucia. Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I should just let it be. We have great memories, and I don't want those to be ruined!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Did you enjoy it? Are you dying to go back?

In St. Lucia, vehicles drive on the left side of the road (like in Great Britain), but the steering wheel is on the left side of the vehicle (like in the Unites States). Very few countries drive like this.


  1. Are you sure Ryan and Luke weren't separated at birth? I laugh reading about Luke and thinking it sounds like Ryan! Love reading your blog and glad your path crossed Jill's. Barbados drives the same way as St. Lucia. Maybe a Caribbean thing. Happy Anniversary!

    1. They may have been! Haha!!! Thanks for reading :-) I miss Jill tons! But we still text every morning, every afternoon, every evening, and every night, hehe... the boys love it :-)

  2. I love how your 'blubber' is six pack abs:) St. Lucia looks gorgeous. It's definitely on my list.

  3. Kill this blog with fire. Excess blubber.

  4. I didn't see any blubber! Looks like it was a beautiful place. I will add it to my list!


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