Thursday, June 6, 2013

#TBT: Little and Big

Little and Big
(can't believe this was 8 years ago!!!!)
This is Michaela. She is my little. I am her big.

If you were in a sorority or a fraternity, that probably doesn't sound weird to you. If you weren't in a sorority or a fraternity, it might sound pretty strange. Michaela was my little sister in my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. We did EVERYTHING together. Most of all, we liked to make party cups. But we only made them for ourselves, haha. We have some CUH-RAY-ZEE memories together! That's what college is about, right? 

Currently, Michaela is married, has a baby boy, and just bought a new home in Houston. She began her university career as a Red Raider (Texas Tech University) , but thankfully made the transition to be a Coog (University of Houston) soon after. She teaches math to middle school aged kiddos (just like her big used to do). When she got married, she went from one tough pronouncing surname to another (just like her big). Also, when she got married, she went from having one sibling to tons of siblings (just like her big). We have lots in common, and I miss her dearly! 

Phi Beta Kappa (1776) established the precedent for naming collegiate societies after Greek letters.

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