Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Studying: What's that?

The time has come for me to really begin studying for my driving test. On July 11th, I have to take the Driving Theory Test which is apparently an hour-ish long written test with hazard videos. It is supposed to be pretty easy, but I am nervous! I also somewhat don't see the point in me getting licenced. I still have yet to drive in London... I can walk everywhere, so why do I need to drive? And it costs an arm and leg to go through the process. <sigh>

Anyway, I haven't taken a test in 7+ years!!! I have completely forgotten how to study, and in all honesty, I think my brain has forgotten how to work. Other than putting together some recipes and doubling or tripling them, I don't really do anything to challenge my brain. I really should take the time each day to read educationally, do a puzzle, do something to challenge my brain more. Luckily, iPhone offers some great FREE apps that will help me prepare for the theory test. As long as I make the time each day, I HOPE I will be fine. Wish me luck in having the discipline to study (which I never seemed to have before).
Just a few of the apps available on iPhone.
There are many more, but they were taking up all of my storage space.
What do you do to challenge your brain?
What ideas do you have to help me challenge my brain on a daily basis?

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  1. How nerve racking?!? Good luck! I'm currently taking German lessons and OMG I suck :)


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