Monday, June 24, 2013

Protein Bars & Porridge, but mostly ADD

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I decided the other day that I wanted to make Jess's (aka Blonde Ponytail) No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars. They seemed like they would be terrific for breakfast and an afternoon snack. Plus, I could get my peanut butter fix without licking a knife. Maybe?
So, I went to the store to find all of the products needed for these protein bars. The recipe called for oats. Never in my life had I bought oats. What are oats? All of the bags and boxes of oats were labeled "porridge oats". What is porridge? I knew that porridge is totally British, but I didn't really know what it is. I bought the cheapest bag of oats possible... because, well, that's what I do... and headed home to make my protein bars! When I got home from the store, I realized I didn't have enough honey and had no chia seeds, so I couldn't make them. Argh!

The next morning, while drinking my coffee, I decided to look up how to make porridge since I hadn't had breakfast yet and thought I would try it. I came across this video which is probably the MOST British video I have ever watched in my life.
I cracked up for a few minutes... the lady in the video is so serious and the words... aahhhh the words!! I can't believe I still think some of the words and expressions the British use are funny. Just like a Smart car... it will ALWAYS make me laugh! Anyway, my ADD was in full swing and I had to look up this sugar that this porridge recipe calls for. One thing led to another and two hours had gone by and I still hadn't eaten breakfast, and I still hadn't gone jogging, I knew how to make porridge, and I still had no Peanut Butter Protein Bars. Argh!!

Since then...
I found all of the ingredients that don't cost me an arm and leg (ahem, chia seeds) to make the Protein bars. I made them, and cut them into smaller pieces (36) than what Jess does. My refrigerator smelled like chocolatey peanut butter for quite some time which reminded me to eat a piece each time I opened the fridge for beer water! Good thing I cut them small! They were a little bit drier than I expected, but they are still good!
I used chocolate protein powder because that is what we had.

What thing or things continue to make you laugh time and time again?

Brits love Porridge so much that there was a TV series in the 70's called Porridge.


  1. Pease porridge hot,
    Pease porridge cold,
    Pease porridge in the pot,
    Nine days old.

    Some like it hot,
    Some like it cold,
    Some like it in the pot,
    Nine days old.

    Your blog brought back memories of my childhood and jumping rope to this song. I had no idea what porridge was but sure enjoyed this song and jumping rope.

    1. Hahaha... should I mention that I have never heard that song? :-X


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