Thursday, June 27, 2013

#TBT: Sandy

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Side Note: Luke was telling me the other night that he likes my blog except for Thrown Back Tuesday. <sigh>

The first dog I wasn't scared of.

When I was little, I was so scared of dogs! I think it was because my grandpa had a big dog, and I just did not like him. Just a few months before this picture was taken, my family informed me that we were getting a puppy. Um, h to the no! I wanted NOTHING to do with a dog (still kinda holds true, but for different reasons).

When we went to go pick up the dog to bring her home, I saw all of these little dogs in a gated pen. Little Yorkies. I put my hands out, which was probably about the size of one of my hands now, and was handed our puppy. She fit just perfectly in my hands... she was so tiny! I looked at her and thought how can this tiny little thing hurt me? After that, Sandy was my best friend! I think I even named her :-) 

Look at her! Isn't she just the cutest???

I won't go into detail because it is the saddest memory of my entire life, but Sandy passed when I was in college. She was such a sweet dog, and she helped me get over my fear of dogs (I still didn't like big dogs, though). I am thankful that my parents made the decision to get a family dog.

To lighten the mood (or my mood because I am still thinking about that sad memory), here is a funny clip from Friends that has to do with dogs :-)

Mom, I challenge you to make a comment on my blog today rather than iMessaging me. :-)


  1. But you like Angus and he's a big doggie! If don't truly like Angus, I think he is going to be heart broken when I tell him :-(

    Love the Friends' clip!! Bahaha

  2. haha, my mom does the same thing..."I cant get the comment thingy to work"

    ugh, parents :P

  3. I have the same prob as Alexa's mom! It's a vicious circle! Anyway I love that photo. It brought tears to my eyes. I still miss our little Sandy every day. It's hard to believe its been almost 10 yrs!

    1. Yay Judy!!! You did it! 10 years? Wow, I guess I overlooked the fact that I've been out of college for 7 years :-/

  4. Aw, my first dog was 'Sandy' too. I named her after Grease which was my favorite movie at the time. I was pretty awesome.

    I'm glad your parents forced a cute puppy on you to get you over your fear of dogs:)


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