Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It all started in 1983...

Actual date of this event: 2 February

There is a large group of Americans that live in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.
In the large group of Americans that live in Aberdeen, there is a large group that are young.
In the large group of Americans that live in Aberdeen that are young, there is a group who were born in 1982 or 1983.
In the large group of Americans that live in Aberdeen that are young and that were born in 1982 or 1983, there are four girls who were born within a month of each other.
Yep, I am one of those four girls! 
Me (Feb. 9), Kristin (Feb.1), Pam (Feb. 26), Jill (Jan. 21)
Okay, maybe I shouldn't be screaming for joy about turning 30, but it is such a huge coincidence that we are all in this together across the world from what we call home. Its a pretty special thing! And like I said above, there is about 8 or so of us that either celebrated their 30th last year or will celebrate their 30th this year. I think that is pretty cool! Ask me again in one week how I feel about this turning 30 thing. I think we're alone now... apparently, this is like the last birthday that matters.
Anyway, the four of us put together a big celebration. You see, in Scotland, when it's your birthday, you are supposed to host your own birthday party. Anyway, it was an obvious choice to host an 80's themed party. We all dressed up in our best 80's gear. We put together the best 80's playlist to jam. Had 80's movies rolling for visual pleasure. We had pizza, tie-dyed cupcakes, and "British" Jolly Rancher shots. We decorated with glow sticks, sunglasses, visors, brightly colored plates & utensils, and of course crazy straws.
We started the night at the Buisson home for the "dinner" party. Around 10pm, we headed out to Nox for a fun evening of dancing. Unfortunately, we hit a major speed bump along the way where one of the birthday girls was not allowed to enter the club. (speaking of which, Nox = rude bouncers & manager) We had tons of fun... can you tell?
Most photos are owned by Nary & Jillian

Most photos are owned by Nary & Jillian
I wont mention any names, but more than one person ended up on their butt that night for no apparent reason. Again, won't mention any names, but some people thought they were 20 year olds and realized very soon that 30 year olds can't party like that any more. Oooops!

Austria (1788) and Japan (1904) both declared war on Russia on February 9th. Source
I have a cousin who was born on the exact same day as me... he was recently ordained a priest.



  1. I am fine throwing my own birthday parties!! I get exactly what I want and we did a pretty dang good job of it!!! I think I'll do it every year ;-)

    Happy Birthday Week, Debbie!!

    1. PS. Love the picture of Luke and Ryan 'fighting'....children.

    2. Yes, I was not going to write a blog without putting that picture. Its classic!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! You guys did an awesome job with all the 80s details. We'll have to recreate a mini-celebration when I get back.

    1. Thanks, Laine! So sad you couldn't be here. I will gladly take more birthday celebrations when you return :)

  3. Happy early birthday! Can't believe they didn't let a birthday girl in!

    1. We missed you Tanvi!
      Yes, the whole situation was just ridiculous. So we all took it upon ourselves to go onto the Yelp page and give them bad reviews :)


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