Friday, March 1, 2013

The Juicing Craze??

For the past few months, I have been reading and reading and seeing and reading all about this juicing thing. It seemed EVERYONE is "juicing". Okay, that may sound totally dirty if you have no idea what juicing is, so let me clarify, so we can all stop giggling. Juicing is taking a whole bunch of veggies and a just a teeny bit of fruit and shoving them into some type of juicer device and apparently it makes some amazing juicy drink. But I don't get it. This is why...

Here are a few mixtures I have come across:
-brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach, and apples
-spinach, kale, and bananas
-celery, cucumber, spinach, ginger, and lemon
-beets, carrots, celery, broccoli, and garlic (I think I just barfed a little)
-papaya, kale, cabbage, lemon, and ginger

Hopefully, you get the point. I mean, I love me some brussels sprouts (I make some darn good ones) and I love me some garlic (you can probably smell me from Scotland) and I love me some beets (wait, I don't like beets), but I seriously don't get how all of these things taste good. As juice. I was never a fan of that V8 drink or whatever it is called, so I doubt I will ever be a fan of any of these mixtures. I would like for someone to prove me wrong though! Make me a juicy drink and prove that my anti-juicing ways are ignorant. I dare you!

I just had to get that off of my chest... sorry for the rant... and sorry for the quickest blog post that I have ever done and will ever do, but I have to pack. To pack for friggity-France. To go shoop-shoopin it down the slopes of Morzine!

Have a great weekend!!

According to this guy, there is a method to how you should intake the juices otherwise you may have some, uh, not-so-pleasant "internal movements".



  1. I just watched that friends episode last night:)

    Juicing doesn't sound appealing to me. I'd much rather a smoothie...but I've always been more into fruit than veg.

    1. I totally get the smoothie thing. THAT makes sense! But veggie juice is a different story.

  2. We tried the juicing thing after we watched 'fat, sick, and nearly dead' but it wasn't for us. Thank goodness the store took the juicer back!

    1. Good thing they did! Anything in particular that didn't appeal to y'all with juicing? I'm seriously trying to wrap my head around this. And I'm happy to hear that I am not alone in this matter!


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