Friday, March 22, 2013

Confessional Friday

It's Friday y'all!! 
That means, I cannot eat meat today. Bummer!!! 
That means that my hubby comes home today. Yippee!!!!

I have a few confessions... a few that I MUST get off my chest and share with the blogging world. 

1.) I ate baked treats. 
I know! I know! I know! That is what I gave up for lent. I know!!!! I am a terrible terrible person. But I have excuses, and I think they are valid. Hear me out, will ya? See, when we went skiing, the Chalet Angels  baked treats for us to eat when we got back from skiing. I had been on the mountain for 5-6 hours, burning God knows how many calories, so when we got home, there it was sitting all nice and pretty on the table - tea and a baked treat. Guess what? I didn't eat a single one of those!!! I resisted. See, I am not so bad! Well, the four course dinner rolled around, and the third course was dessert. The Chalet Angels worked their behinds off preparing and dishing out desserts and placing it in front of my face. I mean, right there. In my face. Dessert. I ate them all. It would have been rude if I hadn't! So, I am a terrible person who considers other people's feelings. That's all. Will you forgive me?

2.) I listen to and love electronic music.
This goes WAY BACK to high school. When I was going through my house before moving to Aberdeen, I found most of my old electro CD's in the attic that I listened to in high school. I literally jumped up and down (and am actually amazed I didn't fall through the floor, by the way). Anyway, I put them all on the computer, they are on my iPod, and it is what I listen to when I jog. LOVES it!

3.) I don't care if I eat horse.
I eat cows. I eat pigs. I eat alligators. I eat ground up innards. What's wrong with horse? This whole "horse meat being found in ground beef meat" thing doesn't bother me.  

4.) I am obsessed with spin class.
I started attending spin class a couple of months ago and quickly became obsessed because it is a great workout and different than my usual jog. I realized yesterday that I will not be able to attend any more classes and that Wednesday was the last time for me due all of the events coming up these next few weeks. I am seriously having withdrawals and it has only been two days! How will I survive?!?

5.) I have been sticking a knife into the peanut butter jar and licking it, like three fold.
Yes, I have been licking a knife! Why a knife? Because I use a knife to cut my apple. And then use said knife to put peanut butter on the slices. And then said peanut butter on those slices was not enough peanut butter, so I need more peanut butter. And then one lick is not enough, so I need like four more. Therefore, if you want to eat peanut butter at my house, bring your own jar. Will you forgive me?

I feel sooooooo much better now that I have opened up. Remember... please forgive me :-)
Happy weekending!

I am all ears eyes... What confessions do you need to get off of your chest?

Technically, I didn't cheat while eating baked treats during lent because I ate 4 days worth of baked desserts and there are actually 6 Sundays during lent. HAH! Take that rules!


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