Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a Small Small World

Iiiiiiiit's a small world aaaaaafter all.
Iiiiiiiit's a small world aaaaaafter all.
Iiiiiiiit's a small world aaaaaafter all.
It's a smaaaaaaall smaaaaaaall wooooooooorld.

You can all thank me now for having that song in your head for the rest of your day! Oh. It's not in your head? Okay, well then listen to this video.
Enough with the torture...

We have all experienced some type of "small world" experience in our lifetime. If you have yet to experience one, then you're probably too young. It is always amazing to find out that some thing or someone has come back into your life when you never expected it. There are a few "small world" experiences that stick out in my head.

First experience:
Jorie, who was my roommate while attending the University of Houston, grew up and went to high school in Naperville, Illionois (suburb of Chicago). When I met Jorie, I was dating a guy whose parents grew up and went to high school in Naperville. Small world!

Second experience:
After Jorie and I had lived together for a few months, she was chatting on AIM (AOL instant messenger... the olden days) with an ex-boyfriend of hers from high school in Chicago. Turns out I went to school with this ex-boyfriend in middle school! Such a small world!!

Third experience:
Just a few weeks ago, Luke had a conversation with a friend of ours in Aberdeen. It went a little something like this:
Greg: "Luke, do you know a guy name Beau Buisson that lives in Argentina?"
Luke: "Yeah, that's my first cousin, my dad's first nephew."
Greg: "Oh, well him and his family are moving to Aberdeen."
Luke: "What?"
Greg: "Yeah, him and his wife are visiting next week to feel out the city and house search."
Luke: "That's crazy! I haven't seen Beau in like 10 years."
So a week later, we met our friends and cousins for dinner. I had never met Beau and Andrea before, but it was really cool to meet up with family. I know it sounds kinda weird because we had never met, but it was really comforting. I guess it's something you'd have to experience. Unfortunately, we may already be gone from Aberdeen by the time they arrive, BUT we will still be really close to each other, and Andrea and her daughter hope to travel to London often, so I know we will meet up again soon. SUCH A SMALL WORLD! Should I sing the song again?
Other small "small world" experiences:
Whenever I meet someone new and become friends with them on facebook, I do a little facebook stalking. Let's be honest here people... we all do it. I know I am not the only one. Anyway, there is a connection outside of Aberdeen with almost all of my friends here in Aberdeen - a common friend from college or high school or someone. Its pretty crazy!

I know there will be more of these experiences especially if Luke and I continue to travel and move around every couple of years. It is nice to know that we may never be completely alone, and we might always have some connection to back home.

What is your craziest "small world" experience?

Disneyland in California was the first to open the "It's A Small World" ride - in 1966.



  1. my small world experience was when I was vacationing in Maine. We were up in the middle of nowhere and we saw a car with TX plates from the only car dealership in our small town. What are the chances of that?!?

    Another was in college when I found out my art teacher had friends that she stayed with a few times a year that ended up living right down the road from me.

  2. My craziest small world experience was on the Great Wall of China. I met a guy that was from the teeny tiny town in Georgia that my family lives and his wife's father is a buddy of my uncle! It's a crazy small world!!

  3. Ask this friend of yours from Naperville if the know a Jenni Chandra:) p.s. I've been to Naperville!! Hehe


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