Thursday, March 28, 2013

Platform 9 3/4

On Monday when I arrived at Kings Cross in London, I thought you needed a ticket to get into the area where Platform 9 3/4 would be located. Well, I was wrong. Sorry! But have no fear, pictures are here!!! (Pics are at the bottom of this blog because I don't know how to add pictures in the middle of posts when I'm using the blogger app... anyone wanna help a sista out with that??)

I arrived at the train station this morning way too early (like 45 min). But not a big deal because I wanted to figure out how I could see this platform. On Monday, it was super duper busy (it was rush hour), and I was already nervous about figuring out the rest of my journey, so it is probably best that I didn't "sight-see" that day.

When you walk up to the area where platforms 9-11 are located (picture 1 below), to the right, there are some shops and one of them is the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 (picture 2 below). And sure enough, a brick wall located a little bit to the right of the shop, was the sign for Platform 9 3/4 (picture 3 below). It included half of a trolley cart with luggage and of course Hedwig's cage on it as if it is on its way into the magical platform.

So it's a little misleading because this sign is not located between platforms 9 and 10 like it should be (picture 4 below). In fact, platforms 9-11 at Kings Cross are very modern, and the brick wall that comes with Platform 9 3/4 does not fit with the decor. In case the sight gets too busy, ropes are in place to create a line to take pictures of yourself pushing the trolley through the wall (picture 5 below).

After taking a few pictures of the sign and the area around the sign, I browsed the shop because, um, Harry Potter stuff is nothing less than awesome! Pretty much what you would expect: wands, magnets, keychains, scarves, sweaters, mugs, etc (pictures 6 & 7 below). I didn't purchase anything because I have hopes of visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Florida one day where I will chug chug chug some butterbeer and purchase my very own wand... for much less than this shop was selling them for.

I'm on the train back to Aberdeen now. Luke and I made an offer on a home, but we are still waiting to here back. Until it is all finalized, I will not be posting any House Hunters International posts. Hopefully soon though!

Platforms 4 and 5 at Kings Cross were used in the Harry Potter films instead of platforms 9 and 10. (I just boarded from platform 4!!)



  1. That's great! I'm super jealous.

    Sorry to ruin it for you, but wands are pretty expensive at Universal.For that reason, I came away with zero Harry Potter Souveniers except for a butter beer belly:) That stuff is delicious.

    1. I was told wands are $30 which is much better than $60! No??


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