Thursday, March 21, 2013

#TBT: Die Hard Fans!

Lori. Is. Going. To. Kill. Me.
Can I come hide at your house?

Die Hard Fans!
Lori and me

Back in college in 2005, Lori and I double dated one time to go see the Houston Aeros play (professional ice hockey team in the American Hockey League). More important than Hockey (gasp!), we wanted to watch our friend, Tammy, dance as she was part of the Aero Dynamics dance team that year. I like to pretend that I get my moves from Tam, but I think she might disown me as her friend if I say that, so I will say that I get my moves from my mom (love ya, mom). Anyway, I was so super duper excited when we were greeted at the arena door by people handing out Harry Potter glasses. I mean, seriously, how awesome are those??!!!!? Since I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I was jumping for joy at the chance to try out my charms and spells (whichever to get me more alcohol at the game), but that only proved me a Muggle. We had a super fun night where we cheered and screamed like die hard hockey dance team fans. Go Tam! Go Tam! Go Tam! Tammy. Is. Going. To. Kill. Us.

Tammy and me after the game - "Take It or Leaf It" y'all!!!

Our obnoxious cheering worked though because the Aeros won their game! But Tammy didn't speak to us for a few days afterward because we totally embarrassed her. Hey, what are friends for???

The Houston Aeros were founded in 1994 and have won two championship cups since their existence.


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