Friday, March 15, 2013

#FBF: Four of a Kind

Since yesterday was my 100th day post, I am replacing my Throw Back Thursday with FLASH BACK FRIDAY.... oooohhh... aaaahhhhh!

But FIRST: A few weeks ago, I introduced a few of you to Google Reader. Well, unfortunately, as of July 1st, Google Reader is dunzo. So sad! How will we read our blogs? How will we live??!!! Eat Yourself Skinny posted another reader site on her blog yesterday that I have not used, but it seems to work the same - Bloglovin. And, of course, there is an app for that! Anyway, I thought I would inform you all of this devastating change.
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Four of a Kind
Me, Kelli, Becca, Kari - possibly 1991???

The Brown's lived just 4 houses down from the Zalewski's. Our families met each other in 1989 when the Zalewski's moved from Ohio. The neighborhood was brand new, and very few homes were occupied and very few were even halfway completed.

Kari and Becca are the same age, Kelli is a year younger than them, and I am a year younger than Kelli. Since we were so close in age, we were BEST BUDDIES. Sisters pretty much. We would fight like sisters. I remember kicking Kari in the shin one time because I was mad at her... she always got her way... Kelli never got her way. It's a total inside joke how those two things always played out.

We made up all kinds of games to play - indoors and outdoors. The carpet was lava and we would seriously ride curtains from one side of a window to the next to avoid getting burned. How the curtains didn't break, not sure. We would play hide and seek and hide on the top shelf in closets and hide in mailboxes (not a typical mailbox, but it was still about the size of a computer paper box). Seriously. We went to the pool everyday during the summer where we would sing 'Batman!' as we ran off the diving board. We made up a song for National Night Out (the crime watch night) and taught all of the kids in the neighborhood the song for a parade we did in the street - yes, we were the cool kids. We had a secret society that met in our closet underneath the stairs (where it got really hot and there is still writing on the walls). We were OBSESSED with New Kids On The Block, Debbie Gibson, and Paula Abdul. We rarely watched TV. We had sleepovers practically every weekend. The only difference between the Zalewski's and the Brown's was religion and sports. Inseparable to the point of where we refused to play with other girls who came to our house to play. Yup, we were THOSE girls.

Nowadays, these ladies have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN in the world. Except for me of course. We loved our childhood... those days are priceless!
same girls, but years later - 1999

The Batman Theme Song was released in 1966 for the Batman TV series.


  1. Aw, this make me miss my childhood BFF who grew up across the street from me. Lots of pictures like these, from 3rd grade all the way to my wedding:)

  2. Loved this! I know I was just a teeny kid but still cracks me up to see pics of yall and hear all the stories. :)


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