Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 Diet Cokes for $8.47

Actual date of this event: 30 & 31 July

On Monday and Tuesday, Luke and I were "collected" from our flat to search for a permanent home while living in Aberdeen. We only have our temporary flat until 8 Sep and then we will be homeless. We had tried to do some previous research to help us during the process. I will do another blog to show our version of "House Hunters International Aberdeen". (give me a few days though)

Monday evening, Luke and I needed to go to the grocery store AGAIN since we have already run out of a few things. This will be a normal occurrence for a few reasons: 1.) Refrigerators here are smaller, 2.) Produce apparently dont last as long because they do not get sprayed, and 3.) Express stores are right around the corner so it is easy to walk to them to save gas meaning you buy and carry less items. Before the store, we walked down Union Street again. We stopped to eat at The Justice Mill (a very large pub). I was a little nervous in this place because it was full of men and I was one of about four women... it was fine though. Like many pubs, a drink came with our food so Luke and I decided to try Strongbow. I have had it before (with Michaela) but did not remember it. We werent thrilled since we arent into the cider drinks. I have been told that the ciders here are really good, so I may have to train my taste buds. Luke also got a Guinness, which my taste buds are not a fan of either.

At the Justice Mill. There was more pub behind me.

After dinner, we walked for a little while. When Luke and I would hang out in the New Orleans, we always found the most interesting and fun places to be off the main drag, so we used that theory. We saw a bunch of little places and decided to take pictures of them to remind ourselves to do some research on them. We have been told that many churches have been turned into bars, pubs and clubs and we saw plenty of those. We will have to try it out one day. Off of Union Street, we discovered a little place called The Wild Boar. The ceilings in this place were very unique like a chapel. It was open-mike night, so we enjoyed so acoustic while having a Heineken. I was getting sleepy, so we made our way to the grocery store and headed on home.

On Tuesday, Luke and I were dropped off during our house search for lunch at the Simpson Hotel. I seemed a bit fancy, but we sat outside so it was not a big deal. It was such a beautiful day that only an idiot would sit inside... beautiful day no matter where you live! Luke was reminded when the check came that there are no free refills on soft drinks. So 3 small diet cokes was not quite worth the pounds. No wonder people just order a beer.

In the evening, Luke and I discussed the houses and made our decision (again, see my special "House Hunters International" blog coming up). He went for a jog and I cooked some chicken for a salad. I chopped some veggies and threw the chicken into the pan. We put some "House Dressing" on our salad which was not what we expected but it only took two bites to adjust. The chicken definitely tastes different. Luke's reason: "The chicken here arent pumped with steroids and in a coop like on Napoleon Dynamite." Sounds good to me just like the eggs. It was not a bad taste, just not something I am used to. I cleaned up our dishes which is not an easy task: 1.) We have no dishwasher. I have very sensitive hands so I cannot take extremely hot water, and 2.) Garbage Disposals do not exist here, so we have to make sure all left over scraps go in the trash can. It is very difficult to remember to do this. We had picked some Prawn Cocktail Crisps at the store, so we tried those. They had a very strong flavor, and I dont think I would buy them normally.

We watched the Olympics a bit - GO TEAM USA GYMNASTS!!! We have not gotten to see much of USA which is a bummer. We only get to see highlights, and we are forced to watch some bizarre sports that American's dont care about. We do have the ability to switch between sports on a certain channel... not sure if that exists in American this Olympics. Its pretty cool, but still useless when they arent showing USA.

I dont understand why Olympians do this???

Luke starts work tomorrow, and I begin my life as an expat wife and a lady of leisure. I have a few tasks, but blogging is way more important, right?

People wash their cars with no water hose, only a bucket, and will wash it in the rain.


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