Monday, August 6, 2012

Lacking in Cash

Actual date of this event: 1 & 2 Aug

Home Update: We have not yet finalized the home, so HH Int is still in the works.

Blog Warning: Not much excitement on these two days...

On Wednesday, it was Luke's first day of work. He was not expecting to get much done this week due to the fact that is boss is on "holiday" (code name for vacation) AND his team was moving offices this weekend. It was pointless for him to get set up and settled, so he was hoping they would tell him to just go home and come back Monday. That didn't happen, but even if it did, Luke probably would have found some work to do anyway.

WE woke up at 6am which was pretty difficult but we are adjusting to the time more and more each day. Luke had some coffee and breakfast and then headed to the office. It is about a 1.4mi walk for him. I on the other hand, got ready for a jog, but could not go until I received a phone call from the realtor. We needed to make our offer on one of the homes we saw from the past two days. Once I heard from her (2hr later), I went for my second jog since arriving in Aberdeen. If you read the blog about my first jog, you will be happy know that my second jog was completely opposite. It was sunny and I actually broke a sweat this time (which is not hard for me to do in general). I realized that I actually liked jogging in the rain more than no rain. So the day continues and I spend most of the day waiting on one load of laundry to finish and updates the blog. I was very behind in posting all of those blogs since we got here, so it was nice to finish them and be able to share with you all :-)

In the evening, Luke and I decided to meet at Asda (UK's Wal-mart). From Our flat, it is a 1.3mi walk and from the office it is a 1.7mi walk. The weather didn't seem so bad when I was getting ready to leave, but it turns so quickly. I grabbed my new reusable grocery bag, put a rain jacket in it, put on a sweater and headed out.  Oh and before doing all of that, I screen captured the map to Asda on my old cell phone (which can still be used on wifi) , so I would not get lost since I have no cell phone to use to access Google Maps while out. While walking to Asda, it begins to get warm and I regret wearing a sweater. Luke and I meet and immediately complains about the distance he just walked while in work shoes. I think from now on he will be wearing jogging shoes to work with office shoes in a backpack. The store is pretty much the same as Wal-mart but it is two floors and there are still some things you cannot find. Liquor is sold in the store just like in Louisiana. We could not purchase too many things since we had to walk back home. We are just dying to get a vehicle, so we can do a normal grocery trip! After the we returned home, I cooked some whole wheat pasta with salads for dinner. I skyped with Michaela for a few minutes... it is always good to talk to friends and family from back home. 

On Thursday, I woke up when Luke did again. After he left, I finished my coffee and went to the local corner store (about 0.5mi away). I discovered at this time that you can only buy alcohol between 10am and 10pm... Not that I was needing to buy booze that early, but I noticed screens were down over the alcohol. When I got back, I was able to go for a jog much sooner than yesterday. I enjoy jogging but it still a chore for me. My body does strange things sometimes and then the rest of my jog is ruined. If I am going to jog, it has to be at the right time and when my body is ready. High maintenance, yes. Afterward, Laine needed to get her car detailed, so I went with her to Dobbies which is a garden centre. If some one is willing to show me something new in the city, I will be all for it! We had some lunch, cafeteria style, which was a new experience because we had no idea of some of the food was. We both ended up getting a tomato, basil and mozzarella panini and a fountain diet coke which apparently is rare. We looked around a little bit in the shopping area after lunch. I still don't have a debit card, so my cash is precious to me leaving me no room to shop. Laine had taken her car to the "valet" so when we finished it was nice and clean. I guess I forgot to mention that the valet is a car wash not a parking service. We drove to one of the larger grocery stores, Sainsbury, where again I was limited to my spending. We found some jalapeƱo and garlic sliced cheese, so we each purchased a pack. We have been told that pepper jack does not exist, so Laine and I thought we should get some to try. 

Laine dropped me off and I thanked her for once again toting me around and showing me some new places. When I got back, Luke called with some unfortunate news about the home we chose, so I spent all afternoon mulling over our home choices. You will read about this when I post my House Hunters International blog. And for dinner I "cooked" some precooked burger patties. We have a gas range stove in our flat, so I smoked up the kitchen a bit on accident while cooking the burgers, but it ended up all right in the end. After dinner, Luke and I went for a drink at Albyn which is about 0.5mi away. Had a new beer again... I have tried many new beers while here and I have to keep track of what I like and don't like or else I will forget.

That is about all of these not-so-exciting two days.

Ham is called ham, Canadian bacon is called bacon, and bacon is called streaky rasher


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