Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dunnottar Castle

Actual date of this event: 12 August

Home Update: Look for House Hunters International this week!

After going to brunch on Sunday, Luke and I decided to visit the Dunnottar Castle. It was on our way home from brunch, so it seemed like a great time especially since the weather was nice. The only castle I had even seen prior to visiting Dunnottar was the one we saw during our first in Edzell. I was expecting this to be a quick viewing of some old ruins. Again, I was so wrong. I am beginning to like this not knowing what to expect business (aka surprises).

We drove down the road and saw a bunch of cars parked along the road in the grass. We parked there which was across from a pasture with cows. Immediately, Luke is trying to grab the camera from me (hog) because he wants to take pictures of the cows. So I snapped a few or twelve of those.

We walked past a small ice cream stand that is apparently THE treat for many hikes and tourist attractions. Walking along the path toward the castle was pretty long, but you didnt even notice because all I could see in front of me was the castle. A long cement stairway led down toward the castle, and we stopped just before going down to take pictures off of one of the hills.

180 degree view 
sits on its own what I cal island cliff

After going down the stairs, we of course had to take a few stairs upward since the castle was on its own island cliff. Back in the day, Im sure the castle dwellers rarely left the castle and probably had very few visitors! We walked up to the entryway of the castle. Its one of those things that you are not sure where to look first. Right? Left? Ahead? At this point, you get to view a few rooms before you actually need to pay for admission. So they tease you and then force you into paying. I'm not complaining at all, but if you didnt know about the fee, it would be impossible to resist. It was like dangling pistachios in front of Luke without giving him any. Not nice!

The rest is way too difficult to describe. And even if I tried, I would not come anywhere close to what it is really like. It was very difficult to choose some favorites to post for the blog.

Inside the Castle:

I think this is a fireplace. But why are there seats in it?

Right in the middle of the castle grounds.
Literally on the edge of the cliff.

A clock was etched into the wall.
More in the middle of the grounds
Luke just had to

Views Looking From Inside the Castle:

Could look for days!

I want to live here! 

After leaving the castle, we went to the north side of the cliff to take some pictures down on the rocky beach.

Exit of the castle

180 degree views of the rocky beach on the north side of the castle's cliff

There was a cave on the beach.

Then we had to hike back up the stairs which was exhausting! We went to the south side of the castle where there was a grassy cliff to take some great shots.

This was NOT fun.
Luke was REALLY freaked out by me being that close.

Sitting on the edge of the cliff - Glamour Shots!

Valleys around the castle 

180 degree view from the south side of the castle's cliff 

The rest of our 600 pictures can be viewed by clicking here.
To learn the history of the castle, click here.

If and when you come visit us, the Dunnottar Castle will be on the itinerary for your stay.

(from what I could find on the internet) There are 272 stair steps going down and up to the castle.



  1. Told ya it was a photogenic spot for Christmas cards:) Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures. I need to go back to Dunotter soon!

  2. Those pictures are amazing! Cannot wait to visit this place! Yes, I agree with Luke...you were WAY to close to the edge of that cliff!


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