Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Hunters International!

Welcome to House Hunters International!
Aberdeen - Buisson Style

Here are some specifics on what Luke and I were looking for in a home prior to our search:

-It must be within walking distance to the Chevron House and to the City Centre since we will only have one vehicle. We want to get the full European experience so we do not want to live in the suburbs.
-It must have at least 2 bedrooms. We realize we will not have much room for storage, so we need to have at least one extra bedroom.

-Even though it may be difficult to find due to our location, we would like 2 bathrooms.
-We would like an outdoor space to be able to grill, have coffee/drinks, but we do not want to tend to a yard.
-I would love for it to have a dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

We viewed homes for 2 days and saw a total of 16 homes. We saw homes all throughout our monthly rental budget which had a 300 pound range ($470 per month). Because Luke and I understand that necessities are necessities and wants are wants, it was not difficult for us to choose what we NEEDED. It was, however, difficult for us to choose what we WANTED. As we looked at more homes, we both realized that we were looking for a home with character rather than a modern and sleek-looking home.

In viewing order, these were our top 3 choices:

House #1 – HOLBURN (viewed 3rd during our search)

The two windows on the right are another home.

-3 levels (Level 1: living room, kitchen, utilities; Level 1.5: bathroom; Level 2: three bedrooms; Level 3: Loft room, two attics)
On left is the door into living room
Storage room right outside of kitchen

-3 bedrooms

-1 bathroom

Stand up shower only
(toilet is back on the right)
-Loft room

Two beds can fit in here, but
 may not get up the stairs.
-Eat-in kitchen

All pieces are movable except
the oven/stove and the sink.
There is also a large china cabinet.
-Utilities room

Includes dishwasher, extra sink,
refrigerator, microwave, more cabinets,
washer/dryer, and access to outdoor space.
-Living Room

Has a large open wall for our TV
-Outdoor area with no grass

Storage basement is on the left.
Comes with table and chairs.
Not much privacy.
Private parking is behind me.
-Private parking
-Storage shed basement
-Walk to City Centre 0.7 miles
-Walk to Chevron House 1.9 miles

-Private parking
-Outdoor area with no grass
-Eclectic area of town
-Space for storage
-Spacious rooms
-Great kitchen with separate utilities room
-Separate washer/dryer
-Full fridge
-Available immediately
-Charming and quirky
-Carpet on stairs and in bedrooms, hard wood in living areas

-One bathroom and it's on the mezzanine level
-Distance from office
-Funny carpet colors
-Funny color wall paper
-Top of price range

House #2 – STANLEY (viewed 7th during our search)

Bottom windows are another home

-Double upper 
(go up one floor from front entrance to main, then up again to bedrooms)

stairs to top level
-2 bedroom (1 on main level, 1 on top level)

large master bedroom with good storage
-2 bathroom (1 on main level, 1 on top level)

-Eat-in kitchen with pantry

-Living room

-Walk to City Centre 0.6 miles
-Walk to Chevron House 1.2 miles

-2 bathrooms
-Large master bedroom
-Clothes storage in master
-Large living room
-Excellent natural light
-Pedestal tub (I have always wanted one!)
-Large kitchen
-Separate washer/dryer
-Full fridge
-Carpet in bedrooms and on stairs
-Great location

-Permit parking on street (extra cost)
-Single pane windows in living room
-Only 2 bedrooms
-No outdoor area
-No area to store bikes
-Carpet in living room
-Washer/dryer in kitchen

House #3 – BEACONSFIELD (Viewed 14th in our search)

Bottom windows are another home

-Double Upper (go up one floor from front entrance to main, then up again to bedrooms)

Stairs up to main level.
On the left is a space to store our bikes.
Stairs to top level with bedrooms
-3 bedrooms

3rd bedroom is identical to this one.

-1 bathroom

-1 box room (considered a storage room)

-Eat-in kitchen

-Dining room

-Living room open to an extra room

-Walk to City Centre 0.9 miles
-Walk to Chevron House 0.8 miles

-Spacious bedrooms
-Large living room with extra room
-Storage space
-Separate washer/dryer
-Full fridge
-Carpet in bedrooms and on stairs, hard wood in living areas
-Bathroom on main floor
-Has area for bikes
-Great location

-One bathroom
-No outdoor space
-Permit parking on street
-Washer/dryer in kitchen


You will find out in a few days :-)
Update: Click here for the reveal.

Many homes have "dummy" door knobs on entry doors. The knob doesn't actually have a lock or even turn. The door opens by turning the bolt lock, which automatically locks back once released, and then pulling on the knob.


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