Friday, August 31, 2012

A Kitchen Is A Puzzle

Actual date of this event: 29 August

One of the reasons I loved this house was the kitchen. I loved how there was two rooms of kitchen. To me it was brilliant to have the refrigerator, a sink, the dishwasher, the washer and the dryer all in one room with ugly cabinets and ugly counter tops... its the dirty room. And then the stove, the oven, and a double sink in another room with nice cabinets and a cutting board counter top... its the clean room. Brilliant huh?!? Well as time went on with unpacking, I was not feeling as thrilled as before. And that is why the kitchen deserves its own blog post!

A bit of background: One of the five men who unloaded and unpacked was from Glasgow. I havent met many, but I have been told that Glaswegians can have very strong accents. This man fit into the stereotype beautifully, but not so beautifully. Earlier in the unloading of our things, he brought in a package that needed to go to our storage basement. So a while later, he comes back and mumbles something about the basement. His face looks serious, so I assumed he wasn't telling a joke. I politely said, "I'm sorry?" asking for him to repeat whatever he said. Again, he says something that I cannot understand. So I nod and say "oh, okay." meanwhile, Luke is in the background making faces of 'I-have-no-clue-either'. So the man leaves to get another box, and Luke and I determine that we are both on the same page which is not the same as the Glaswegian man. Later, I decide to go to the basement to see if I can find out what the guy was saying. Turns out that he accidentally tipped over Luke's teeny tiny drawer set that has lots of teeny tiny nails in it. Spilling and unorganizing all of the teeny tiny nails. I guess his serious face was to say he was sorry and hoped we wouldn't make him put it back right! Longest story ever... Moving on...

This same man was in charge of unpacking all of the kitchen supplies. I still think Luke told him to go in the kitchen so that I would have to suffer while getting the kitchen organized. Suffer, you say? I. Could. Not. Understand. A word. Out. Of. This. Man's. Mouth. I am already trying to concentrate on if things are broken. And where to put these puzzle pieces. I did not need to also try to concentrate on English (maybe?) words. Luckily, we have a table in the middle of the kitchen, like an island but it is the kitchen table, so everything he unpacked went on the table. And luckily, many of those things went into the utilities room, so I could take a break from this man for a few moments. 

He told me a few stories while unpacking. Only one of them I could understand. But I did get the feeling that this man was a bit Anti-American. Every once in a while, he would make comments about what Americans have and what they expect. And blah blah. Maybe he is just grumpy. Well, in the amount of time that the four other men unpacked the other 6 rooms, he did the kitchen. I don't think he was slow, the kitchen is just very meticulous. 

After everything was out of boxes, I could finally start to organize where I wanted everything. BUT FIRST, I have to wrap and pack all of the kitchen items that the homeowners left. I do not trust myself to remember, when we are done with this home, that the small silver bowl is ours or theirs. So I took some time to do this and labeled the boxes with each item (unlike the guys who packed us) and put them to the side. Now, I can organize! And it was at this moment that I determined that maybe the kitchen is not my favorite part anymore. Because the kitchen is unique, it also means that there are no obvious places for kitchen items. Obviously, the cups go here. Wait, no, not there. Here. Um, I disagree with myself. They should go here. And that happened with half of the stuff. Before anything, I first needed to decide where our liquor cabinet would be. Wait. That doesn't sound make us sound very good. But it is such an integral part in our lives... I mean kitchen... I mean... Forget it. 

Once I got into the groove, things started making sense. And I think I have all but one piece left to finish the kitchen puzzle. That one last piece that you can never find. The one that pulls everything together. That last piece for my kitchen is using the kitchen to make a meal. I hope that it fits just right! Wish me luck!

In a home, the front, back, interior entry, cellar, and bedroom doors all have different keys. We have 11 different keys to use in our home.
set for the exterior


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  1. I love your kitchen! It's too cute. I also love your huge storage basement. I might be slightly jealous:)


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