Monday, April 1, 2013

Messy House

Our house is a mess! We have spent all weekend sorting through our stuff making sure that everything we want shipped to London is in one pile...
everything that needs to stay in the house is in another...
and everything that needs to go in the car in another.
I have signed all over the place as reminders to myself and to help the packers.
After a weekend of a big mess, Luke asks why a can of diet coke is sitting on the kitchen. Out of all of this mess, he focuses on the diet coke. He has got some problems.
Please keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow both the packing goes smoothly and quickly AND that we hear about our home offer!

Do you like a tidy house or does a little mess make you feel at home?

The iconic bridge of London is the Tower Bridge which is NOT named the London Bridge.



  1. when I was in London I was told that some town in Arizona bought the London Bridge thinking they were buying the Tower Bridge...big mistake!!!!

    1. You are correct! I think it was in like 1963 or something. Funny story! There is still a London Bridge but the original was torn apart to be transported and rebuilt in Arizona.

  2. I like a tidy house. I don't even like trinkets and things cluttered on shelves or tables. I feel like a cluttered house gives me a cluttered mind. A tidy house gives me a peaceful and calm mind.


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