Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Backing Up Your Blog

While I am waiting for the packers to finish packing up the house which seems to be at a rate of 1 box per hour (not literally, but it feels like it to me... says one who is completely worthless during this process as I am not allowed to pack anything), I feel the need to share a VERY VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE with you fellow bloggers out there. If you are not a blogger, then I will leave you with a short message before I get to the important one.
Poor pretty kitchen... I will miss you!
Short Message:
Hubby Jack's blog is one of my favorites that I read for a couple of reasons:
1.) he is a man and you never come across male bloggers
2.) he is hilarious! although, I will warn you, he calls out "womens" constantly, but it is just the truth that I wont say
3.) he gives helpful tips to bloggers
If you are not a blogger, then some of his posts will have nothing to do with you but the rest of them are pretty entertaining. If you are a blogger, then I suggest following him!
IMPORTANT Blogging Message:
So if you are a blogger, Hubby Jack posted today about backing up your blog which can SAVE YOUR LIFE. Seriously, what is worse than losing all of your blog content? Nothing! Click here to go directly to the post. I plan to back up my blog today, and hopefully will do it at least once a week. I lost just a single post one time and the world had ended! For like two hours.

Anyway, I have House Hunters International all ready for you BUT I cant bring myself to post it until we get word that we have gotten our place. Until then, Happy Tuesday!

Glaswegian packers actually label your boxes correctly and legibly!
Although, I am not so sure about the packaging of Luke's first baby, the TV.



  1. Thanks for passing this on!

  2. I am on it! Patiently waiting for housing news.

  3. Woah...color me flattered...thanks little Debbie!

    1. Well of course! Thanks for your helpful posts. And also cracking me up on a semi-daily basis :)


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