Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wimbledon Common

Actual date of this event: 14 April

It was a spectacular day in London! I mean so beautiful that I wanted to put on shorts and sandals. But I didn't because I have learned my lesson when it comes to wearing too little clothing. Anyway, Luke and I decided to make use of the sunshine and take a walk through Wimbledon Common.

The common is a very large park/forest area located right around the corner from Wimbledon Village. It is about a 0.6 mile walk from our flat. Unfortunately, the common is located on a hill, so to get there you must go up the hill. It is no problem when you are walking, but trying to jog to the common is nearly impossible. There are only a few streets that are possible jogging routes, all others force you to walk. No joke, it's happened to me three times already.

The common has walking, jogging, cycling, and horseback riding trails. Some of the paths are kept up with gravel, some have been created over time, and some are extremely muddy. It also has several ponds, creeks, and streams, a golf course and a windmill museum. I am sure there are other things we have not discovered yet as well.

Luke and I of course went off trail during our walk which put us in some very muddy spots. We also found ourselves lost at times because the common is 1,100acres (according to Wikipedia). I have yet to see trail markers to help guide you through the forest, and while in the forest, I noticed that I lacked reception. Super! We even stumbled upon a fort made from tree branches. Luke stuck his pretend flag in it and deemed it his now. Meanwhile, I felt like I was in the Hunger Games most of the time as I ended up with dozens of scratches on my legs from my rolled up jeans. We ended up clocking 6 miles during our journey.

It was a very windy day, but the one million trees (again, according to Wikipedia) helped keep Luke's hair tame. We saw lots of other folks & families doing the same as us: enjoying the sun! Funny though, in the wide open spots, we saw no one flying a kite! It's England y'all! Lets go fly a kite!!!! Anyway, we enjoyed our sun so much that Luke and I both went home and decided to go jogging in the common - separately, of course, because Luke "doesn't like to jog with other people". I hope this sunshine keeps up! My white legs needs some color as they are blinding everyone around me!

The common has 19 employees and an annual budget of £1mill.


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