Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I am a firm believer in "what goes around, comes around". Karma is a bia, but it can also be your BFF! One time I turned in a $50 bill I found at work, and the next week, I received a $100 tip! What goes around, comes around! Well the purpose of my post today as such is to put all of you back in the loop!

Firstly, I want to apologize to my mom, my sister, my family, my friends, and all of you! Many of you have been emailing and texting and facebooking and asking how things are going. I have either given you bits of info, no info, completely ignored you, or probably went off on something that you were totally lost on. Things have gone up and down and up and down. We are waiting for the downs to end. So I am very sorry for being a horrible daughter, sister, and friend for the past week. It is not you, it is me!

Secondly, after the tragic events of the Boston Marathon yesterday, I am thankful for what I have, thankful for my life, thankful that my family and friends are all well. In no way am I saying that my events of the last few weeks are even comparable to what the runners and spectators have gone and are going through in Boston right now. Keeping all of them in my thoughts!

First, we had the fall out with our original home search :-( Then we stayed in 6 different places over the course of 9 nights. Aka packed up, loaded the car, and unloaded the car too many times :-( We got to eat Taco Bell and experience a little bit of Manchester :-) We got to do a third day of house hunting :-) We got to stay in a wonderful temporary flat :-) We had to wait over 4 days before we received word that our new home has been finalized :-( We received word that due to a miscommunication, not ours, we needed to be out of our temporary flat today :-( We had to scramble on a Friday afternoon to arrange for our shipment to be delivered tomorrow :-( We got to have a much needed fun Saturday in London :-) :-) We received the keys to our new home yesterday :-) We were told that we would need to stay in a hotel for a few days while waiting for our shipment to arrive and while sorting the house to livable conditions. We had to pack up, load the car, and unload the car with most of our belongings we have with us now, again :-( We had to check out of the temporary flat by 10am leaving me wandering around like a homeless person or a few hours before being able to check in to the hotel :-( The hotel is a 45 minute trek and not walking distance from our new flat door to door which is very inconvenient :-( Lastly, I have not been sleeping well, again, like 5 hours a night :-(

As you can see, I have more of these :-( than of these :-). What goes around, comes around though... We get to live in a wonderful place like London. We have had to deal with a big mess of a relocation but I am pretty sure all of this will be wonderful in the end!

Do you believe in "what goes around, comes around"?

Justin Timberlake's hit single "What Goes Around... Comes Around" was released in January of 2007.



  1. Glad you found a home!!!! Things will defn get better now that you can settle in. Can't wait to see pics of the place!

  2. Moving is a bia too. But for it's downfalls, we're lucky that most of it's on the company's dime. I know it would help if you could get a good night sleep though. This bad patch will fly by and you'll feel settled before you know it. Can't wait to hear all about the new place!

  3. I want to cry for you, sis! :-(


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