Friday, April 19, 2013

#FBF: Senior Picture

Oh my goodness gracious! I have been soooo busy that I have completely forgotten about Throw Back Thursday  And since Thursday was yesterday, that means today is Flash Back Friday!!!

First, let me say that I think it is HIGH-LARIOUS when someone posts a TBT or FBF picture from like 3 months ago. Um, my facebook cover picture is from 5 months ago, and my actual profile picture is from 6 months. So, I guess I live everyday on facebook as if I am "back in the gap" (<-- one of Luke's favorite phrases). Anyway, there is nothing TB or FB about a few months ago. It's gotta be years people, yeeeeaaars!

Uh oh, Debbie Downer is back. Moving on...

Senior Picture 2001

One of a few different senior pictures that I took. You know, the nice pictures. No one wants to revisit their school senior picture. Ick! I think this picture was my favorite of all of the ones I took. I remember my mom liking the one where I smiled without showing my teeth. Um no. And then she made me do that again for prom. Mom!!! Stop that! Thankfully, I did not have to do that for my wedding.

Let's see...
-the ring on my right hand's middle finger was from my friend Kelli (see her in this post here) when I was a freshman I think, and I still wear that ring to this day. Going on 16 years now! Wow, I am old.
-I believe I am wearing silver eye liner because I ALWAYS wore silver eye liner. And I am awkwardly wearing lipstick.
-I am wearing an American Eagle shirt that had a little pocket on the sleeve you cannot see which everyone the boys always called the condom pocket. Kids have such imaginations!
-And I believe my sister took pictures in the exact same location, on a swing of flowers!! Becca, true or false??

People always say, "oh what I would give to go back to those days." Senior year was for sure fun times, but I would not stop living my life now to go back to those days. It is just too good right now, and I mean that honestly!!

Yay! Debbie Upper is back!!!!!

My ring from Kelli was from James Avery Craftsman, which was founded in 1954 in Kerrville, Texas.


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  1. yes, exact same picture. And my friend, Krystle did the same pose (about 2 years after you). How original!


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