Sunday, April 7, 2013

Which House Did We Choose (and lose)?

This weekend, Luke and I did the long drive from Aberdeen all the way down to London. We stopped in Manchester after a 6 hour drive to stay the night on Saturday. Sunday morning, we continued our drive which took about 4 hrs with a few needed stops. So we are officially living in London now! On to the fun part...

Last Friday, I posted our top three options for homes during our house hunting search. If you missed that post, you may want to back up a day and see our options.

The house we chose was... House #3 The Oaks! Luke and I both felt it had more of a home feel to it rather than like an apartment. We liked that it was between the two areas in Wimbledon. It was the closest to the park which is pretty important for our jogging habits. And it was still so close to the train station, gym, and grocery store. The location for this place won us over! Yeah, it had no outdoor space, and yeah, it was the most expensive, but it felt more right than the other two. Unfortunately, after putting in an offer Thursday morning and waiting until the next Wednesday, we were told something along the lines of the landlords had received another offer before us and were obligated to accept the other one although they would rather our offer. Doesn't really make sense, yes, I know. Believe me when I say that our frustration hit the roof and it has yet to come down. We were so confused as to why we were not told about this other offer earlier. But we had to move on to another option, our second choice.

We really didn't know what our second choice was. Both Wimbledon Central and Montague had some wonderful pros and some icky cons. But in the end, we agreed on our second choice of... House #2 Montague! We chose Montague because we liked the terrace, we liked the open layout, we liked the kitchen space. And all of those things outweighed the awesome location of WC, and WC's negative qualities. But it had been a full week since we had seen the place, and things go quick, I mean so quick that agents don't put together a viewing list until 24 hrs before viewing day. With that being said, of course Montague was taken. So rather than going with our third choice, Luke and I were given a third day of house hunting (Being done today!).

So lets hope that day 3 of house hunting will be better than the first two, and we find the home that is meant for us. I will keep you updated, but I cannot guarantee another House Hunters International post as these babies are exhausting!

Hope spring is treating you all wonderfully... we are starting to see signs of it in the UK!!

Update: Click here to see which house we ended up with
Update: Click here to see our home with stuff in it

The famous River Thames in London is said 'temz'.


River Thames in Richmond


  1. Aw.. I know you must be very frustrated. Don't worry though, because I bet you'll find something you like even better! Or maybe you'll end up with something you wouldn't have normally picked and then discover it is a hidden gem! :o)

  2. Good luck in your search! I know you'll find a place even better than the one you missed out on.

  3. Hi! I came across your blog online. My husband and I also live in the Houston area but we want to make the jump across the pond to the UK. How did you do it? We are both teachers so I'm trying to get a teaching job. Any advice??

    1. Hi Ashlee! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish I could more helpful but unfortunately, it was my husband's company that did most of the work for us when we moved to the UK. I also decided not to work once we moved over for various reasons. I have a few friends that continued teaching once they moved from the States to the UK though. If you want to email me (debbie buisson at gmail dot com), I can try to answer as many questions as possible! I only did it a year ago, so I still 'sorta' remember what we did for work visas and other things. :)


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