Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finally... the flat!!

I have got to keep Debbie Upper alive!!! In continuing with the positive attitude, I will continue with positive posts. Shall we take bets for how long this will last?? I give it until Tuesday... after our guests leave, and I am stuck with an messy home that must be arranged.

If you have not already read about our House Hunting Experience in London, you can do that here and here.
For now, our home looks like this:

Our Building
Above: The bus stop at the bottom left takes you straight to Wimbledon Station in approx 8 minutes but for £1.40.
Below: I have that whole area on the right to lay out in for a tan. Hahaha, yeah right!!

Entry & Hallway
Above left: entry door
Above Right: standing by entry door, the double doors is a closet, the door you see just passed are the bedrooms

Above Left: standing at the double door closet, that is the master bedroom door on the right
Above Right: Looking into the reception room, the double doors is a second closet
Below: showing master bedroom on the left, guest bedroom in the center, guest closet on the right

Guest Bathroom
You can't really tell in this picture, but there is no shower, only the tub. We asked the landlord to mount a shower head, but he didn't want to do it. And now that I am looking at it, the walls are only tiled up to the waist, so our guests either have to take a bath or shower in the master bathroom. Not a big deal to us if it isn't a big deal to you.

Guest Bedroom
If you are my guest, you will have a great view of me laying out in the sun!! Why don't you join me for a margarita?

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Reception Room
aka an open dining and living area
 Above right: both sets of windows are doors to the patio
 Above right: I would LOVE if that wall had a peak through window or something from the kitchen
Below: Dining area

It wraps around the other side, but is only as long as the doors on the other side. I plan for us to keep our bikes in this area where I am standing to take this picture. It is a fairly private little patio. We are covered up by some trees and bushes, but the building next to us does look down onto the balcony a bit. Hey, if they wanna see me drinking coffee and blogging in my pj's with no teeth brushed, then that is their problem. 

 Includes: full fridge/freezer but not to the American-size, microwave, oven, combo washer-dryer, GARBAGE DISPOSAL for real for real for real, dishwasher but not to the American-size, and electric stove top (gotta get used to that again!)
 Above: not sure why the wood is different colors in the pics, but it is actually all the same color
Below left: view out of the window
 Below: standing in the kitchen looking back at the hallway

The whole flat is electric, so there is no gas which means no radiators. We have in-floor heating, or something like that, so each room has its own temperature control. I am curious if in-floor heating is better cheaper than radiators.

We received a total of 19. Nineteen. NINETEEN. 1-9. ONE-NINE. 19 keys for our place. Yes, nineteen. There is the key into the flat, the key for the parking garage, three different keys for windows, the mailbox, two different building doors, and the electrical room. We have two sets of those, and then an extra flat key. Cray cray y'all!!

There isn't too much to the place, but that is because London is spansive! Luke and I are happy with our choice, and that is what matters! We wish it could be a little closer to the train station, but I have tracked it, and for me, it takes 8.5 minutes to walk. For speedy Luke, it should only take about 7 minutes. We also wish it was a bit brighter in terms of natural light, but when the natural light is shining, we shouldn't be inside anyway! And everything inside of it will be OURS, so there will be no confusions when we move out. Let's hope we will be here for a few years!

We hope that one day you will come stay with us! And maybe, just maybe, we will actually have our shipment by then! (kidding - we are supposed to be getting it today at 11am GMT)
Most toilets in the UK have two flush buttons. One button is for a full flush and the other is for a half flush. I will let you determine when you should use each button.



  1. Good luck with the shipment. I hope the unpacking goes quickly!

  2. I love it! Those in-floor heating systems are nice. You won't have such cold feet!

  3. Love it!! Can't wait to be your first house guest even if I am sleeping on a cardboard box using packing paper as a pillow and blanket! Hehe! 2 days!!!!!!!!

  4. It's gorgeous, Debbie!! I love it and I'm so happy you can finally get settled!

  5. I'd like a chair, if not a cot outside on the patio. If I have missed it in the blog, where exactly is it? Andi's Soccer coach if from London and he has asked. Will you be cheering for Man U? Random Fact: The City Market in Gunnison CO has a dual flush control as well. #1 Up #2 down.(Those are the actual written directions on site.) It's green of course! (The actual color I mean, not just the philosophy) Great minds (if not behinds) think alike. Awesome place. I could not be happier for you guys!


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