Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Day, You'll Look Back and Laugh

I have been such a Debbie Downer for the past week or so. For once in my life, I have lived up to this name! That deserves no explanation point as no one likes a Debbie Downer. But after some news yesterday, I might be back to Debbie Upper!!

While going through tough times, people always have advice for you. They try to give you encouraging words, be supportive, listen to your rants, and at times even punch a wall/face for you. Throughout this relocation, I have received kindness and positive thoughts. And I thank each of you for that!

A common piece of advice received during a rough patch is "one day, you will look back at all of this and laugh". Well yesterday was that day for me. Yep, yesterday! I'm sure you are thinking I have now gone nutzo since yesterday I went on and on about the difficulties we have experienced so far (it's been difficult, but after all, we are in London, so it could be a bajillion times worse)... How on Earth can I be laughing at all of this madness already? It usually take weeks or even years before anyone gets over something. True, but sometimes it gets to the point where it's easier to just laugh.

Yesterday afternoon, Luke and I received word that our shipment truck was on its way to London to be delivered this morning. While still in Scotland, the truck broke down. Of course it did! Why WOULDN'T the truck break down? Why on Earth would something go just the way it should? This is where I started laughing. So hard that after taking a sip of water, I almost spit it out. It's all just funny now! How can it not be funny? It's okay to laugh - please, I want you to laugh!

Luke asked when we should expect The truck to arrive. Lady said possibly this afternoon, maybe 3pm. Naturally, Luke asked if they will actually unload the things if it arrives today. She said "they are willing to work until a reasonable hour." These are Glaswegians we are talking about. The Scots. And I'm pretty much done with being polite, so I'll just be upfront about this, the Scots don't have the best work ethic. A reasonable hour to them is like 4pm. So Luke asks the lady what is considered a reasonable hour. She begins to tell/ask him that this is up to us and what time we consider reasonable, but before she can even finish what she is saying, Luke says "midnight".

We just received word that the truck will not make it today. We are hoping that we will get our things tomorrow morning. We are hoping that we can get our house into a somewhat livable state for this weekend as Jillian and Kristin will be staying with us since Jill is running in the London Marathon(!!!!). While hoping at that, we are all hoping that we will all be safe while running/spectating at the London Marathon. Luke and I are hoping that Jill and Kristin believe us when we say that we WANT them to stay with us and that their arrival is the ONLY (not literally, but almost) thing that will keep our minds off of this mess and that we will be heart broken if they don't stay with us. We are hoping that I can keep my laughs to myself as Luke is not at that point yet and me laughing is not making him feel better. But for now, I will laugh to all of you!

What's your best story that was absolutely terrible at the time, but can laugh at it now?

The London Marathon begins at Greenwich Park, then winds east and west a few times, and then ends at Buckingham Palace. Gooooo Jill!!!!



  1. Great attitude friend! Why worry about things you cannot control? What you can control is your reaction, and laughter is so much healthier (and more fun) than being angry.

  2. Laughing does make everything better especially inappropriate laughter! Hehe! Looking forward to lots of laughs this weekend! Thanks for the shout out also so glad Ill have you there cheering me along!!! Hugs! xo

  3. I'm laughing with u! Only 2 weeks til we can laugh together.


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